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Welcome to my web pages. 

There are a lot of photographs of all kinds for you to see, and we have tried to optimize them for minimum load time while retaining as much quality as possible. 

My interests shown here are concentrated on their most visual aspects. I have been vitally interested in railroading, automobiles, photography, model building and music all of my adult life, and in some cases my entire life! I love a good pun too, if there is such a thing.

Eventually there will be trains, both model and full-sized (known as "prototype"), pictures of family and friends, cars I have owned now or earlier, our family of cats doing whatever weird thing cats "think" of to do, and maybe some surprises. There probably is a whole lot more here than you care to know, but you can navigate to the subjects that interest you. Sometimes we’ll even update this site to include Current Events, and remove parts we think are getting stale. 

Remember, this is a work in progress. We welcome your comments and suggestions. All pages have been optimized to load within 15 seconds; if there are delays in loading, please be patient.



Home Music Autos trains Cats